• Access a diverse list of products
    From many national issuers with Trade Desk support
  • Build Custom Structured Products
    Receive assistance from start to finish on creating a custom product specifically tailored for your needs
  • Access to Operational Support
    From the launch of your product calendar to trade execution, Navian Capital will ensure your experience is as smooth as possible
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  • Competitive Secondary Liquidations
    Receive quick, accurate, and competitive liquidation levels for a variety of structure products
  • Exclusive Secondary Offerings
    Get access to our exclusive secondary offerings, and let us help you find the product you are looking for
  • Navigate with Analytics
    Trade and assess secondary offerings confidently utilizing analytics
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The Power CDSM Program

Create a Market-Linked CD in your bank or credit unions name, offered through Financial Consultants or financial institution deposit platform


Marketplace Distinction

Substantial New Fee Income


Ongoing Long-Term Deposits

Significant increase in Branch Referrals and a Stronger Partnership throughout your organization

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