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With the Navian Capital Advantage, independent broker dealers are given a packaged platform experience that’s customized to fit your needs. The unique Navian Capital suite of services is similar to those offered by turnkey asset management providers in integrating the delivery of services.  With the Navian Capital platform you’ll have a number of advantages including advisor recruiting and retention, risk mitigation, and financial benefit.

Turnkey, Integrated Solutions

Navian Capital offers clients a streamlined solution to your structured product and/or annuity offerings.  Our scalable platform delivers multi-issuer origination, due-diligence, compliance, trading, marketing and sales support combined in a state-of-the-art web application.

Direct Issuer Pricing

Navian Capital’s scale and volume allow for new issue products to be offered at the same price as buying directly from the issuer.  Additionally, our unique inventory of secondary offerings, from multiple issuers, are made available to our clients.

Access to a Broad Range of Issuers and Carriers

Navian Capital’s open architecture platform provides clients with access to a complete range of structured products and annuities from nearly all national issuers and carriers. Multiple relationships give us the objectivity you desire and the ability to customize issues that are specifically tailored to your firm.

Structure Due Diligence

Navian Capital conducts and delivers monthly due diligence for structured products and annuities.  The detailed structure analytics allow BDs to quickly compare and analyze products in the broad marketplace, helping to ensure suitability within your client base. 

Detailed Tracking and Reporting

Navian Capital creates and distributes monthly product performance reports on all structures, as well as reporting for wholesaling activity, training/testing requirements if desired, and additional key metrics.

Fully Customizable Web Application & Order Entry System

With Navian Capital you’ll gain access to a completely customizable web application which includes product inventory and comparison tool, product offering documents, order entry module, educational resources, and advisor tools - all of which are tailored for your program. 

Sales and Relationship Support

We’re here when you need us. Our dedicated regional support team and central sales support line are available for your convenience to ensure you have access to live support when you need it.