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Luma Multi-Issuer Platform

Navian's Luma provides banks and broker/dealers with a fully-customizable platform and order entry system. Registered users login to access a wide-array of content designed and tailored specifically for your firm.

With the Navian Capital's Luma, users gain access to:

Education & Training

Complete training at your own time. Our system allows you to view, download, and print materials to help you succeed. Navian Capital offers multiple forms of education and has recently added interactive training videos for visual learners.

Compliance Testing & Test Result Tracking
Client Approved Educational Videos                               

Sales Tools & Marketing

Navian Capital’s marketing team works directly with your organization to develop a marketing plan that is consistent with your firm’s mission and culture. As part of the marketing plan, Navian Capital creates marketing collateral that is branded for your institution.Some examples of marketing collateral include: FINRA Reviewed Advertising Collateral, Teller Take-Ones, Flyer’s, Posters, Brochures, Bi-Folds, Tri-Folds, Newspaper Ads, Website Banners, Statement Inserts and Client-Approved Presentations. All marketing collateral can be ordered directly from Navian.Exchange. Navian Capital diligently tracks the utilization of each marketing piece that is implemented within your program. This allows for data that represents what’s working effectively, and what isn’t. Advisors can also create and distribute customized powerpoint presentations directly to end clients.

Library of Client Approved Marketing Material
Self-Fulfillment Center


Compare & Purchase

With the Navian's Luma, you’ll have access to our advanced Structured Product & Annuity Comparison Tools (over 100 carriers), providing a comprehensive user experience to help advisors easily compare and contrast the various products available to better ensure suitability of client needs. Navian Capital’s advanced Order Entry System provides a simplified, user-friendly alternative for structured product trade entry. Whether you are on a trade desk, or an individual financial consultant, nearly all fields on our custom order-entry system are pre-populated, leaving only two simple entries. This saves time and reduces your chance for error. Easily view, track, and export all orders in one location. Trade information is sortable by any input field, streamlining volume tracking and reconciliation. Navian's 5 StAR rating service performs product research and due diligence allowing banks and broker/dealers to quickly compare and analyze all structures in the broad marketplace. This research helps ensure suitability of products for a given program’s client base. 

Product Comparison Tool
Order Entry System
StARs Report

Post Sales Support

Navian provides life cycle tools and support post sale for advisors and management. Luma tracks and provides detailed information for past purchased products that are maturing, callable, and paying a coupon. Luma also provides multi-issuer performance and offering documentation in one place for structured products.