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CD Funding Introduces Order Entry System

December 11, 2014 (Cincinnati, OH) – After the initial launch of CD Funding’s customized web application in late 2012, the Marked-Linked investment product provider has put their second phase in motion.

CD Funding’s advanced Order Entry System delivers a simplified and more robust user experience offering trade desks and advisors the ability to input trades with two simple entries, saving time and limiting error. The system also delivers on-screen order history, providing the ability to easily view, track, and edit all orders placed for the month in one location.

“CD Funding’s Order Entry System is a unique way of providing banks and broker/dealers with a simplified and user-friendly alternative for Market-Linked product trade processing.   It allows our clients to mitigate fees often charged by clearing firms and can make a real impact toward helping them hit their financial targets,” says David Hutcheson Director of Trading and Investments for CD Funding. “It also has an increased focus on compliance, helping to ensure advisors can only see and place orders for products their broker/dealer has approved.”

The customized web application, in which the Order Entry System is housed, provides full access to firm-customized content, current month’s offerings, past offering documentation, structure analytics, and much more. All of the information and products posted to the application are tailored specifically to the particular firm’s selected product offerings.

Sister companies, CUSO Financial Services, L.P. (CFS) and Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC (SPF), full-service broker dealers and SEC Registered Investment Advisers, have utilized CD Funding’s customized web application since early 2013, and launched the Order Entry System to all CFS and SPF advisors in mid-April of this year.

 “Our fixed income desk has been overly pleased with CD Funding’s Order Entry System.  It has allowed our team to process more trades in significantly less time, and having the ability to view submitted orders significantly aids in the management of order flow throughout the month,” says Tom McCarthy, Manager, Fixed Income Trade Desk at CFS.  “CD Funding was able to customize the system to accommodate our firm’s specific needs allowing us to roll the application out to all of our advisors.  We anticipate further time savings, error reduction, and better tracking with the new system. ”

CD Funding is one of the only Market-Linked CD providers in the country to administer this service to its clients.

About CD Funding Group, LLC
CD Funding Group, LLC is a strategic partner for banks and credit unions, broker/dealers, and Registered Investment Advisors in the development, implementation, and marketing of proprietary and nationally issued market-linked products. Established in 2005, CD Funding is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio with locations in New York, Boston, Chicago, Louisville, and Los Angeles. For more information, call 877-213-6570 or visit