Luma Platform

Customizable Order Entry
Annuity Comparison Tool
StARs Proprietary Analytics for BDs
Continuing Education & Testing
Advisor Tools & Marketing
Workflow & Compliance Tracking
  • Access a diverse list of products
    From many national issuers and carriers with coast to coast on-the-ground support
  • Monthly Product Analysis for B/Ds
    To assist your due diligence process for Market-Linked CDs, Market-Linked Notes, and Fixed, Indexed, and Variable Annuities
  • Save time with our advanced Order Entry System
    Simple, user-friendly order entry and tracking, which can include client-specific customizations such as compliance and principal review facilitation
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  • Variety of products all in one location
    Structured Notes; Market-Linked CDs; Variable, Indexed, and Fixed Annuities
  • Easy access
    To training modules with automatic tracking, ready-to-print marketing collateral, and "StARs" structure analytics
  • Save time with our advanced Order Entry System
    User-friendly interface providing STP of structured product trading, which can include client-specific customizations such as compliance and principal review facilitation
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  • Broad Range of Fee-based & Customized Offerings
    Access to CDs and Notes from nearly all national issuers, in addition to the ability to build a custom product with low volume minimums to meet specific client/asset class needs.
  • Return Diversification
    Exposure to a variety of markets, including domestic and international equities, commodities, currencies and fixed income
  • Sophistication
    An efficient means to attain the true benefits of portfolio diversification, allowing investors to conveniently invest in alternative asset classes that may be difficult to invest in directly
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The Power CDSM Program

Create a Market-Linked CD in your bank or credit unions name, offered through Financial Consultants or financial institution deposit platform


Marketplace Distinction

Substantial New Fee Income


Ongoing Long-Term Deposits

Significant increase in Branch Referrals and a Stronger Partnership throughout your organization

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Navian Capital, Bank of America Merrill Lynch & Morgan Stanley Partnership

Cincinnati, OH – July 31, 2018: – Luma Financial Technologies, a new venture formed by co-investors Navian Capital, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, announces the launch of an independent, multi-issuer electronic platform for structured products and annuities.

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July 31, 2018
Why is Navian's ATLAS the Industry Leading SP Platform?

Cincinnati, OH – December 11, 2017: – For nearly a decade Navian’s Platform, ATLAS, has been utilized by Broker Dealers and their advisors across the U.S.

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December 11, 2017
ATLAS Is Featured at BNP's Structured Product Conference

Palm Beach, FL – October 19, 2017: – Navian Capital was selected to present its ATLAS Platform at the 7th Annual BNP Structured Product Conference.

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October 19, 2017
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Whether you need access to a diverse list of structured products from nearly all national issuers, or access to fixed, indexed, or variable annuities, we have you covered.  In addition to product access from one distribution point, Navian Capital provides an expansive list of additional services and capabilities to help increase due diligence and efficiency for our clients – all at direct-issuer product pricing.


Nationwide product support

Product due diligence service

Custom web application

Exclusive annuity and structured product solutions

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