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  • Access a diverse list of products
    From many national issuers with Trade Desk support
  • Build Custom Structured Products
    Receive assistance from start to finish on creating a custom product specifically tailored for your needs
  • Access to Operational Support
    From the launch of your product calendar to trade execution, Navian Capital will ensure your experience is as smooth as possible
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  • Competitive Secondary Liquidations
    Receive quick, accurate, and competitive liquidation levels for a variety of structure products
  • Exclusive Secondary Offerings
    Get access to our exclusive secondary offerings, and let us help you find the product you are looking for
  • Navigate with Analytics
    Trade and assess secondary offerings confidently utilizing analytics
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The Power CDSM Program

Create a Market-Linked CD in your bank or credit unions name, offered through Financial Consultants or financial institution deposit platform


Marketplace Distinction

Substantial New Fee Income


Ongoing Long-Term Deposits

Significant increase in Branch Referrals and a Stronger Partnership throughout your organization

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About us

Founded in 2005, Navian Capital is a trusted provider of structured products and other fixed income products. Navian Capital has partnerships with over a dozen of the world’s top banks and has a broad network of broker-dealer relationships. Navian Capital’s strategic partnerships and relationships allow us to provide financial professionals with access to a diverse range of investment opportunities and credit exposures specializing in structured CDs, structured notes, and proprietary structured investments. ​

In addition to its vast network of partners and extensive product offerings, Navian Capital offers 15 years of specialized structured product expertise. We are here to guide you through the process, helping to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed. We place importance on not only understanding the institutions we serve, but we customize our services to best fit your needs and objectives. From the development and implementation of proprietary products, to providing more efficient access to the universe of structured products, Navian Capital can help position your business for success.​